Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Books Have a Life of Their Own

This morning I saw that Divorce Your Car! ranked #2 on Borders Books Australia’s list of “Top 5 Pollution Control Books.” Great! I thought, although when I looked at other titles on this list, I noticed that almost all of them are technical texts about remediation. A little different from Divorce Your Car!, which quotes Monty Python and tells stories about early car enthusiasts touting the supposed health benefits of the horseless carriage. But that’s ok, because yes, the book does also discuss how to control pollution by driving less – in several chapters, as there are so many ways to do this.

Finding Divorce Your Car! on this list is yet one more example of how, once they’re launched and out in the marketplace, books can take on lives of their own. I’m frequently surprised by the places in which this book gets listed, classified, or otherwise mentioned. Somebody in Australia must be buying Divorce Your Car! for it to make this list of top pollution control texts, so whoever you are, thanks! And thanks to Borders Australia for adding this pleasant and amusing little surprise to my morning.